5 Day Challenge


Specifically designed for those adopting the 'keto diet' or the caloric restrictive diet during the morning hours. You are shifting your blood from glucose burning to fat burning. This 5 day challenge kit keeps things easy. Just use this special self mixing mug with your coffee and your hemp coffee creamer once a day in the morning and get the healthy fats that your blood is craving to change gears. The added benefit of full spectrum hemp extract puts this product in a class all it's own. Now legal in all 50 states as a part of the 2014 farm bill. Hemp extract is a healthy ingredient that more and more people are adding to their daily menu.

Includes:  - 1 Self Mixing Mug  (batteries included)

                   -  5 packets of Hemp Coffee Creamer
                   - 1 Five Day Challenge booklet

Intermittent Fasting

Why 5 Days?

Our bodies are designed to produce energy 2 ways. Most of us have never needed to rely on using our blood without glucose because the refrigerator handle is never far from reach. This intentional partial daily fast from food trains your blood to work differently. All bodies are different and therefore react differently to all things. The 5 Day Challenge is designed as a test for you to see if this rhythm of eating and starving is something that will benefit you. If it doesn't then your consolation prize is a tricky mug. If it is something you choose to add to your lifestyle then you're all ready to go. Just keep up the Monday - Friday routine and think about ordering more Hemp Coffee Creamer or getting onto our monthly shipment program. 

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