The Story

The Story behind CBD Coffee Creamer is one about experimenting with your own body to see what works best for you.

As the founder of this company I recognized the need early on and realized that I already had all the tools that I needed to make this produce a reality for people, so I hope you also fine it easily to adapt to this new healthy habit.

Hemp Extract supplements are brand new and 90% of American's haven't tried it yet. It does work but doctors will tell you that the results very for each person. The recommended daily dose being tested now that seems to work the most reliably is 25 mg. twice a day over a 10 day period. Half that to maintain moving forward. Wikipedia reports that little or no noticeable effects in people tested consuming up to 1,500 mg. per day.

I knew that the timing was right and armed with a video camera and people willing to try it out I'm able to give you the evidence that you need to evaluate if this investment in health is right for you.

My Guarantee.

I guarantee that if you consume five servings of CBD Coffee Creamer per day for 5 days and and do not receive any benefits in your own life then I will give you all your money back. My only caveat is that you video record yourself consuming the product once a day and report in your video documentary what if any effects that you noticed. (owners note; If you record videos of yourself taking the 5 day challenge and do not choose to take advantage of the guarantee there is a chance that I will buy the videos from you anyway. 

Ready to take the 5 day CBD Challenge?

Get our free worksheet to follow with the 5 day CBD Coffee Creamer trial. 

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CBD Coffee Company provides high quality delicious coffee additives that benefit your health in more ways than one.