Why CBD?
What are the health benefits?

The trend in buttered or “Bullet” style coffee is a trend towards better health and awareness about how the body and mind perform to it's best.

Something that doesn't exist is a product that is both a buttered style coffee and that contains Hemp or CBD. (Cannabidiol) Hemp extract oil that contains cannabinoids that ALSO support body and mind performance.

CBD or Hemp (as we now have to call it) has only recently become available to us here in America. Now legal to buy in all 50 states doctors and scientists are discovering new holistic, alternative treatments for this ingredient. It doesn't taste all that good on it's own, but together with the buttered style coffee product the two are a match made in heaven.

There is nothing more powerful than an ideal that has come of age. A.Einstein. 

Tim Ferris wrote a book called Tools of the Titans where he detailed his human experiment using ketones as his measurement of success. Our blood was designed to get energy from our body two ways and our ancestors only ate one big meal per day, but today with the invention of the refrigerator handle most American's have never purposely restricted their caloric intake. 

     The benefits associated with keto blood instead of glucose blood include better short term memory, more physical endurance and obviously reduction of stored fat on your body. 

What are the health 

Non psycho active hemp oil extract has previously been banned for sale in the United States. Now state and national laws changing people are realizing the same mental and physical benefits to including this additive into their daily habits for the same reason. We know that hemp oil has been proven to reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy but did you know that people who consume hemp extract oil also have been reporting sharper memories and improved physical stamina?

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